Cannabis Grow Class

Tired of the limitations of indoor tent growing? Take your cannabis cultivation journey to the sunshine with Mimea's Outdoor Grow Class! Spend the next 8 weeks mastering the art of outdoor cannabis cultivation in any idyllic climate.

bevon · September 12, 2022

Grow Cannabis Outdoors with Care Academy: Master the Art in 8 Weeks!

Tired of the limitations of indoor tent growing? Take your cannabis cultivation journey to the sunshine with Care Academy’s Outdoor Grow Class! Spend the next 8 weeks mastering the art of outdoor cannabis cultivation in any idyllic climate.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Understand the cannabis plant and its lifecycle.
  • Learn about Grenada’s unique climate and soil conditions.
  • Select the right strain for outdoor growth in Grenada.
  • Master germination and seedling care.
  • Transplant your seedlings to the outdoor environment successfully.
  • Optimize soil health for outdoor cannabis cultivation.
  • Implement effective pest and disease management strategies.
  • Learn proper harvesting, drying, and curing techniques.
  • Receive ongoing support from the Mimea Grow Group.

Duration: 8 Weeks

Week 1 – Introduction to Cannabis Cultivation and Outdoor Growing

  • Understanding the Cannabis Plant
  • Overview of Grenada’s Climate and its Impact on Cannabis
  • Selecting the Right Strain for Outdoor Growth
  • Essential Equipment Overview

Week 2 – Germination and Seedling Stage

  • Germination Techniques
  • Seedling Care and Maintenance
  • Proper Watering and Nutrient Introduction
  • Hands-on: Germination Practice

Week 3 – Transplanting Seedlings to Outdoor Environment

  • Choosing the Ideal Outdoor Location
  • Transplanting Techniques and Best Practices
  • Early Pest Management Strategies

Week 4 – Vegetative Stage and Soil Health

  • Optimizing Soil for Outdoor Growth
  • Nutrient Requirements During Vegetative Growth
  • Pruning and Training Techniques

Week 5 – Flowering Stage

  • Understanding the Flowering Cycle
  • Managing Light Exposure and Dark Periods
  • Identifying and Addressing Common Flowering Issues

Week 6 – Pest and Disease Management

  • Recognizing Common Pests and Diseases in Grenada
  • Organic Pest Control Methods
  • Disease Prevention and Treatment

Week 7 – Harvesting and Drying

  • Knowing When to Harvest
  • Proper Harvesting Techniques
  • Drying and Curing for Quality

Week 8 – Grower’s Showcase and Q&A

  • Students Showcase Their Cannabis Plants
  • Sharing Experiences and Challenges
  • Open Q&A Session

Here’s why growing outdoors with Care Academy is the perfect choice:

  • Embrace the sun: Enjoy the natural benefits of full-spectrum sunlight for optimal plant growth and yield.
  • No grow room limitations: Ditch the tent and embrace the freedom of outdoor space for larger plants and bigger harvests.
  • Grenada’s perfect climate (Grenada Students): Learn to thrive in Grenada’s ideal temperature and humidity conditions for cannabis cultivation.
  • Interactive learning: Our engaging class format combines expert instruction with hands-on experience and group discussion.

Unleash the perks of growing your own:

  • Control your environment: Choose the perfect location, soil, and nutrients for your plants.
  • Natural pest control: Utilize the power of beneficial insects and organic methods for healthy growth.
  • Grow year-round: Grenada’s climate allows for multiple harvests throughout the year.
  • Specialized strains, not street unknowns: Cultivate the unique strains you desire, free from the unknowns of the streets.
  • Organic growing: Opt for sustainable and conscious practices for healthy plants and a clean conscience.
  • Reduce stress: Connect with nature and find peace in the cultivation process.
  • Medicate yourself: Grow your own medicine for personal wellness and empowerment.

Mimea Grow Group: Your Ongoing Support System! Joining Care Academy’s Outdoor Grow Class grants you access to our exclusive Mimea’s Grow Group. This vibrant, online community provides you with the following:

  • Expert support: Get personalized advice and troubleshooting from experienced instructors and fellow growers.
  • Ongoing learning: Access additional resources, tutorials, and live Q&A sessions to deepen your understanding.
  • Shared experiences: Connect with other growers, share successes and challenges, and build a supportive network.

Enroll Now and Receive:

  • Comprehensive Outdoor Grow Book: Your essential guide to success, accessible as an ebook for members.
  • Free Seeds (Grenada Students): Start your outdoor adventure with high-quality seeds.
  • Shopping Grow List: Get the essential equipment and supplies you need to thrive.
  • Videos: Dive deeper into key topics through engaging video lessons.
  • Interactive Class Discussions: Share your thoughts, questions, and experiences with your fellow students.
  • Student Grow Chart (Graded): Track your progress and receive valuable feedback from instructors.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to master outdoor cannabis cultivation! Enroll in Mimea’s Outdoor Grow Class today and embark on your journey to self-sufficiency, quality control, and a deeper connection with nature.

Limited spots are available. Secure your place in the sun today!

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