Join Us in Freeing The Weed

Join Us in Freeing The Weed

Help shape a brighter future for cannabis legalization!

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Join the movement and support our ‘Free the Weed’ campaign. Every action counts towards achieving cannabis legalization and promoting positive change in our community.

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Join the movement and RSVP now to support our ‘Free the Weed’ campaign. Together, we can make a difference in cannabis legalization!

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Be a part of change and secure your spot in our upcoming event. Join us as we advocate for sensible cannabis policies and drive positive transformation.

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Make a difference and get involved in our ‘Free the Weed’ campaign. Your participation is crucial in shaping the future of cannabis legalization.

about us

We are a group of passionate Grenadians united by our shared belief in the potential of cannabis to benefit our country and people. Learn about our journey, values, and dedication to advocating for sensible cannabis legalization policies. Join us as we work towards a brighter future for Grenada through cannabis liberation!


Economic Potential

Legalizing cannabis opens doors to economic growth and prosperity for Grenada. Explore how our country can benefit financially from this thriving industry.

  • Generate Revenue

    Legalization allows for taxation on cannabis sales, creating a new source of income for the government.

  • Job Creation

    The cannabis industry creates jobs in cultivation, processing, retail, and ancillary services, boosting employment opportunities for Grenadians.


Health and Wellness

Legalization promotes health and wellness by providing safe access to cannabis products and supporting medical research. Discover how it can improve the well-being of our community.

  • Access to Medicine

    Legalization ensures patients have access to medical cannabis treatments for various health conditions.

  • Research Opportunities

    Legalization fosters research into the therapeutic benefits of cannabis, potentially leading to new treatments and discoveries.


Social Justice

Legalization advances social justice by reducing arrests for minor cannabis offenses and promoting equity in the criminal justice system. Explore how it can lead to a fairer society for all.

  • Criminal Justice Reform

    Legalization reduces arrests and incarceration rates for non-violent cannabis offenses, alleviating burdens on the legal system.

  • Equity and Inclusion

    Legalization promotes equity by providing opportunities for local-owned businesses and addressing disparities in law enforcement.

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Have questions or want to get involved in our ‘Free the Weed’ campaign? We’d love to hear from you! Reach out to us today and join the conversation.