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Meet Mimea’s Founder

Bevon Findley

Welcome! I’m Bevon and I founded Mimea™ to connect our community members through the benefits of plant medicine.

Mimea is a free community exclusively for plant medicine enthusiasts to connect and share their interests.

As a monthly member, you will receive monthly courses, seed giveaways, community groups, product giveaways, cannatherapy sessions, forums, and more.

Bevon Findley, Founder, Mimea

Canna Therapy

Experience alternative approaches to self-healing and experiential education in cannabis with Beatrix Plaza.

Her cannatherapy group gives individuals an opportunity to hold spiritual space, reflect in meditation, experience the relaxing power of sound baths and singing bowls, and connect to others through cannabis.



Earn points by taking courses, posting, and engaging on the platform. Your points can be used towards discounts, coupons, and more.

Educational Courses

We offer a variety of courses from Entrepreneurship, Terpenes, Cannabinoids, Infusion, and more.

Mental Health

We’re social beings, and we are not meant to live in isolation. Community is critical for us to thrive, especially for someone with mental illness who is already experiencing the common symptoms of loneliness and isolation. 

Learn to grow indoors!

Limited seeds* ($40 Value) will be given to each student who enrolls in my course.

Signup for our class and learn how to grow your own.

Charlie speaking to Jessica at Be Plant Summit

Cannabis Coaching

Since he was young, Charlie Piermarini has had a passion for medicine and people. During the summers, while an undergrad at The University of Arizona, he would work as an EMT at a summer camp serving both children and adults with special needs. Through these life-changing experiences, he knew he had to pursue his passion for medicine.


Share videos, pictures, links, and docs on your own profiles and groups.

Engage with each other community members’ posts with features including @mentions, pictures, gifs, send private messages, chat, and more!

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Being part of an engaging community gives us a sense of belonging. It enables us to share personal thoughts and support the growth of each other, ourselves, and our environment.

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Access educational courses that will help you learn more about cannabis such as terpenes, cannabinoids, and how to shop for the right cannabis product.

Our courses are available online 24/7 on your phone, tablet, or desktop computer.

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Do you know what it is that you are buying when it comes to cannabis? Are you getting the right strain for your needs? Are you overpaying? Want to learn to grow at home?

Sign up for our Grow class. $250 or $100 for our monthly members. 

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Who doesn’t love free products? I know I do. As a monthly member, you have access to free consumer products, coupons, and more.

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Wake & Bake

Wake & Bake

Our monthly members have access to our weekly Wake & Bake Zoom sesh’s. Spark up and connect with others before you start your day.

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