Indoor Grow Timeline

Mimea Cannabis Indoor Grow Timeline

The average cannabis indoor grow timeline is 4 – 5 months with some growers reporting as low as 3 and others who have gone up past 6+. This might seem like a long time to wait, but it’s actually quite achievable.

Germination (1 – 7 days)

To start a garden, plant seeds just under the surface of the soil and keep them moist and warm. The seedlings will appear within one week!

Seedlings (1 – 7 days)

Seedlings are extremely fragile and we recommend growing seedlings in a propagator where you can easily create the perfect environment for them to flourish.

Vegetative (4 – 8 week average)

Give your plant the best possible care and attention to ensure that it grows healthy. Make sure you provide 18-24 hours worth of light per day as well as proper watering when needed or else topsoil will dry out too much which can lead not only unnecessary strain on roots but also damage. Continue this stage until the plant is half the final desired size.

Flowering (8 – 10 week average)

Give your plants the perfect environment to form their buds with a 12/12 light cycle (use a timer) and special bloom nutrients. The total time in this phase is dependent on what type of strain you are growing, but typically it will last about one week longer for most varieties. MOST plants double their size when forming flowery buds – so let them!

Harvest & Cure (1+ week)

Harvest when your buds are at their darkest and most curved. Dry them upside down so that small stems snap off easily 5-7 days later, then you can use these freshly cropped buds as needed or store them in jars for up to two weeks burping daily!

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