The Impact of Cannabis on Pregnancy: A Study Uncovering a Link to Higher Rates of Stillbirth and Hypertensive Disorders

The Impact of Cannabis on Pregnancy: A Study Uncovering a Link to Higher Rates of Stillbirth and Hypertensive Disorders

A recent study has shown that using cannabis during pregnancy may increase the risk of having adverse outcomes during pregnancy. The study looked at over 9,000 pregnancies and found that 27.4% of pregnant women who used cannabis had problems like premature birth, stillbirth, or high blood pressure during pregnancy, compared to 18.1% of pregnant women who didn’t use cannabis.

The study focused on cannabis use during the early stages of gestation because this is when the placenta is forming. Scientists believe that using cannabis can affect the way the placenta develops because it affects the natural system that regulates placenta growth.

The study found that using cannabis increases the risk of several different problems, including:

  • Smaller babies compared to gestational age (9.5% vs 4.1%)
  • Hypertensive disorders during pregnancy (15.9% vs 13%)
  • Stillbirth (1.5% vs 0.5%)
  • Premature birth that is medically indicated (5.2% vs 3.9%)

Due to these findings, medical professionals advise pregnant women to stop using cannabis to avoid these risks. This advice is similar to the advice given for smoking during pregnancy, as both cannabis and smoking have been shown to have negative impacts on pregnancy outcomes.

It’s important to note that the study mostly looked at women who smoked cannabis, as edibles were not as common during the time the study was conducted. The study used urine samples to determine whether the women had used cannabis or not.

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